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Total Prize Pool: $1,000

Total Prize Pool: $1,000

Total Prize Pool: $1,000

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Total Prize Pool: $1,000

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3 Steps to Enter The

#ethereum Writing Contest


​Prerequisite: You must sign up for a HackerNoon writer account, if you don’t have one.​

1. Write

Write about Ethereum's growing influence in global finance from three perspectives: Crypto Natives (decentralization, scalability, security, Layer 2 solutions), Economists (new financial system, resilience), and Social Scientists (impact on governance, power structures, and trust).

2. Submit

​Submit the article on HackerNoon with the #ethereum tag (then, enter 7 more tags pertaining to your article for better distribution).​

3. Share (optional)

When your article is published, share it across the interwebs with the #ethereum hashtag in the caption.

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