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Writing Contests FAQ

Can anyone enter?

You don't need to be a big-time published writer, and you don't even need to have published on HackerNoon before to join. Simple create a writer account and submit your 

story to the competition. However, you must be at least 18 to join our writing contests.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes! Even better: you can win more than one prize. If you write 2 stories and both stories make it to the top 3, you can win a prize for both entries! (These terms may change from contest to contest, so please read each contest's rules carefully)

When are prizes paid out?

1 - 2 weeks after each contest round ends, winners will be announced in an article on HackerNoon. That article will explain how winners can claim their prizes and upon verifying you have won and the proper bank or crypto wallet details, the prize will be paid out ASAP.

Is there a minimum word count?

Editorial guidelines for our contests are the same as for every story on HackerNoon. The absolute minimum word count on HackerNoon is 300 words (but they better be the best 300 words we've ever read). We rarely publish stories of fewer than 800 words. 

How long do the contests last?

Every contest is different. Please read the terms of each contest carefully. However, most contests run for 3 months, each round lasts 1 month with winners announced at the end of each month. 

I have a question or issue regarding a contest. Whom can I speak to?

Please contact our team using this form

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