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How Do Writing Contests with HackerNoon Work?

Curious about HackerNoon's writing contests? Here's a quick peek behind the curtain in 5 steps. Get ready to dive into the world of creativity and competition!

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01, Own your desired keyword

Keyword or topic that you want to be better associated with. You can either choose from our available database of 50,000+ keyword pages or we can create a brand new niche keyword!


02, Flaunt your brand via exclusively designed contest landing pages and AD creatives

Share your branding kit and logos with us and the talented HackerNoon design team will design beautiful landing page and AD creatives. See the landing pages of the past and running contests here.

03, Hyper-target your niche audience by running Ads on your niche keyword pages and stories

Your AD becomes the 1st slot on that topic landing page! Your long-form ads will run on all the participating stories and other relevant stories on your keyword.

04, Baked-in marketing with HackerNoon Announcements, Social Media and Newsletter promotions. 

Contest announcement posts published in 13 languages [Samples here and here]

All announcements published as top stories and featured on the main page and distributed as audio podcasts

Distribution of all announcements via HackerNoon's premium newsletters (270,000+ subscribers)

Newsletter outreach to those of our 45,000+ contributors

An exclusive interview with the editorial team about the contest published as an article and distributed as audio podcast [See example]

We’ll also announce the contest's launch via our social channels including: X (Formerly Twitter), Meta (Facebook & Instagram), LinkedIn, and more

05, Recruit influencer content on your keyword! 

  • Over 1,000,000 people on the Internet will find out about your contest and begin writing their takes on your chosen keyword/topic.

  • We will also share a writing prompt with key topics of your choice with the writers

  • As stories start getting submitted, our editorial team will review for plagiarism, AI content, inaccuracies, etc.

  • Each of these published stories will have your AD & Call-To-Action appended above the comments section.

06, Finally

At the end of the month, a winner shall be decided via voting by the HackerNoon editorial team & announced via HackerNoon blogposts and social channels.

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