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Total Prize Pool: $20,000 (Monthly $5,000)
The top 10 nominations will be awarded 2 DEO tokens every month!

3 Steps to Enter The

DeFi Writing Contest


Prerequisite: You must sign up for a HackerNoon writer account, if you don’t have one.​

Your story’s content can be anything about decentralized finance - it can be any story about the crypto industry, your opinion piece on the current state of finance and DeFi, your DeFi projects, crypto investments, and any other similar topic. For inspiration, check out the #defi and #substrate stories.

Submit the article on HackerNoon with the #defi and #substrate tag

(then, enter 7 more tags pertaining to your article for better distribution).​

When your article is published, share it across the interwebs

with the #defi and #substrate hashtag in the caption.

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