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Total Prize Pool: $1,000

Total Prize Pool: $1,000

Total Prize Pool: $1,000

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3 Steps to Enter The

#blockchain-api Writing Contest


​Prerequisite: You must sign up for a HackerNoon writer account, if you don’t have one.​

1. Write

Write about blockchain APIs. Submissions can cover various topics like blockchain API overviews, exploring popular APIs and RPC nodes, discussing Web3 dApp development, MEV protection, censorship resistance, the benefits of load balancing systems and more. We encourage participants to use the dRPC platform as a reference in their discussions.

2. Submit

​Submit the article on HackerNoon with the #blockchain-api tag (then, enter 7 more tags pertaining to your article for better distribution).​

3. Share (optional)

When your article is published, share it across the interwebs with the #blockchain-api hashtag in the caption.

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