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$$$ For the Best Stories on #contest-tags Every Month

By publishing with #contest-tags on HackerNoon stories,

you enter to win monthly prizes from sponsors.



$1,000 in Total Prizes - we welcome discussions on the value of cryptocurrency data APIs, industry leaders like CoinGecko API, features, tutorials, use-cases, integration experiences and any other related topics.

Pays out after 3 months in July 2024.


9,000 USDT in Total Prizes - the contest combines the core principles of decentralized technologies, inviting hackers and writers to push them forward - exploring these concepts from a creative and/or technical standpoint alike

Pays out every 3 months through October 2024.

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  Past Contests  

$18,000 in Total Prizes

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Web 2.5 Documentary

Out Now!

Web 2.5 follows the thrilling, and occasionally turbulent, journey of the internet - from dial-up modems to social media supremacy to annoying paywalls to mass misinformation to the indomitable rise of bitcoin - and beyond!

The sooner you submit your first story, the higher your chances of winning (1).png

The #stories with
the most time reading are

The shortlist will also be published
as a HackerNoon story.

how voting

actually works


HackerNoon editors
vote for who wins the contest.


We vote based on the potential
to move the technology

industry forward.


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